Web-based Origination System for GE Capital (Ireland)
GE Capital’s consumer lending operation in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK) is largely accomplished through the use of brokers. Due to the number of brokers in these two countries and the complexity of mortgage and insurance premium financing, the need for a web-based solution was apparent. CHC designed, built, and installed a fully functional web-based system to meet the needs of GE Capital in this market. The Web-based Origination system enables brokers and partners to quickly propose business contracts with an automated loan decision making, manage their customer portfolio and pipeline, and generate pre-prepared loan documentation online – dramatically reducing thousands of daily calls into GE’s call centers.

This system is used by over 400 named users throughout Ireland and UK and facilities over 20 million euros of business monthly.

System Highlights:
Web-based system.
Large historical data conversion.
Electronic document generation and management.
Interfaces with a legacy-based accounting system.

Mortgage Management System for GE Capital (Ireland)
eMortgage is an online mortgage business management system that enables GE Capital staff to view and manage loan applications. The eMortgage system, much like the eBroker system, supports document generation and integrates with the GE Capital back office.

eMortgage has both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) components. The B2B component provides an electronic application interface, customer tracking, and a broker pipeline with the ability to manage mortgage loan applications, view status, and determine necessary documentation to underwrite and pay out loans.

The B2C component enables account management by consumers. It allows consumers to apply for a mortgage, track their application status, print documentation, and determine documentation requirements.

System Highlights:
Web-based system.
Large historical data conversion.
Electronic document generation and management.
Multi-layer hierarchical security system.
Short project completion timeframe.

GE-Drive Infrastructure Relocation System for GE Capital (Ireland)
GE-Drive, GE Capital’s primary proposal capture system for the auto finance sector was previously hosted and managed in Paris, France. CHC designed a completely new server and network architecture for GE-Drive, ordered servers and associated equipment, and installed equipment in GE Capital’s new data center in Watford, England. CHC transferred all data from the existing system to this new system. All users were transferred without any incident or business interruption.

System Highlights:
Large server farm installation comprising six enterprise-class servers.
Procured new hosting provider (GE Home Lending in UK) at a cost-savings to GE in excess of 112,696.32 EUR ($150,000) per year.
     Negotiated a new SLA with 20/7 support with only four hours not on.
     The previous provider gave support of only eight hours a day, five days a week.
Complicated transition from existing system to the new infrastructure.
Moved procured equipment to France and transferred site with no downtime.
Uptime has improved more than 60% since move.
Business critical application.
Internet-facing application.
Short project completion timeframe.

One Direct Interface System for GE Capital (Ireland)
CHC created an interface between an affinity, One Direct, and GE Capital for this urgent project that required development and implementation of a massive interface in less than three months. CHC’s small business size enabled project completion in a timeframe not possible in other circumstances.

System Highlights:
RPG development.
C++ Communications Application, with a perfect performance record since implementation.
Data mapping tool creation - future project use of this tool resulted in cost savings to GE Capital due to re-use of code and consolidation.

Disaster Recovery System for GE Capital (Ireland)
Designed and built a disaster recovery network for GE Money (Ireland).

System Highlights:
Design level-3 catastrophic disaster plan.
System relocation to disaster recovery site.
Design/implement network including Wide Area Networks (WAN) connections to corporate network.
Processing facility.
Setup all key third party connections to GE corporate, affinities, etc.
Built disaster recovery systems for key business applications: One Direct, GE Drive, and Branch Access.
Executed multiple successful disaster recovery tests.

EBS Building Society Interface System for GE Capital (Ireland)
EBS is Ireland's leading mutual building society. Similar to a credit union, EBS offers personal banking, loans, investments, and insurance to its member owners.

CHC established electronic transmittal of loan offers from EBS’s existing system to its members via the GE Capital website. CHC created a new ‘generic interface’ into the Irish Lease/Loan system to provide a means for third parties to securely submit proposals from their back office systems and get instantaneous decisions.