Established in 1997, CHC services IT needs for both business and government. Since its inception, Texas-based CHC has provided software and hardware solutions to Fortune 500® companies, government entities, and small businesses. CHC’s strategic position in the United States, the Pacific Rim, and Europe enable CHC to reach out to a broad range of clients.

As a small, agile, and innovative company, CHC has the flexibility to adapt to changes and accommodate changing volumes. This flexibility enables rapid development and deployment of resources to suit the needs of its clients. CHC’s considerable experience in providing infrastructure services to its clients, results from CHC project management expertise, adherence to schedule, and quality consciousness developed within the teams.

All CHC projects have been brought in time and within budgetary constraints with all contract requirements strictly adhered to. CHC’s globe spanning experience in prodigious, mission critical systems such as their social welfare management system (PAGU) and its mortgage origination system for GE Capital validate their ability to handle complex information management systems.