PAGU – The First Fully Integrated Paperless Public Assistance System

TechnoMan touts it, speakers proclaim it, and attendees interact with it. It is PAGU, CHC’s Public Assistance Global Utility, the first fully integrated paperless public assistance system in the United States. A Platinum sponsor of the 39th Annual ISM Conference September 10–13 in Minneapolis, CHC is going all out to make their presence and their system known.

PAGU streamlines public assistance service delivery, reduces the work in human services professionals, and simplifies the way that consumers of human services apply for, receive, and benefit from services. The system automatically compiles all mandatory federal reports to ensure federal grants are not jeopardized. PAGU detects fraud by automatically interfacing with federal and local agencies to validate reported client information. Speaking of the Guam PAGU system, Gregg Saxton, Region IX Manager for Food & Nutrition Services of the USDA states, “With PAGU, Guam meets all requirements to ensure federal compliance and has the potential to lead the nation in public assistance systems.”

PAGU is a fully integrated case management, online interviewing, issuance, reporting, and medical claims processing system for current and potential recipients of public assistance, spanning Food Stamps, Welfare, Medical Programs, Job Placement/Tracking, and more. PAGU’s paperless case management process can be utilized by multiple users, spanning multiple programs, in multiple locations, while adhering to the strictest security and confidentiality guidelines, including HIPAA.

With the PAGU system, paper ends at the front door. Documents are scanned into the internal document management system upon receipt; calendars and tasks integrate with Outlook and PDAs. All data is collected during an interactive interview process that employs rule-based eligibility determination. Biometric fingerscans serve as system ID ensuring security, offering convenience, and enabling client access at self-service kiosks.

PAGU’s loosely coupled modules and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allow phased program additions and legacy system transitions. This integrated, modular approach allows seamless integration of all state and local programs.

The system’s flexible on-line inquiry capability facilitates production of reports providing management insight into the operation, while releasing caseworkers from performing repetitive steps, allowing them to re-focus their priorities on core competencies.

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