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eMortgage - Mortgage Management System for GE Capital  

eBroker is an online e-business portal for insurance premium brokers in Ireland and UK. GE Capital’s consumer lending operation, with the complexity of Mortgage and Insurance premium financing in these two countries, is largely accomplished through the use of numerous brokers. CHC designed, built, and installed a fully functional web-based solution, eBroker, to meet GE Capital’s needs in this market – dramatically reducing thousands of daily calls into GE’s call centers.

eBroker solution enables brokers to quickly propose business contracts with automated loan decision making by entering loan proposal details, providing a real-time quote to the customer, managing their customer portfolio and pipeline, and generating loan agreement documentation online.

This system has real-time integration into GE Capital’s primary receivables system, AS/400 Lease/Loan. It is used by over 400 named users throughout Ireland and UK and facilitates over 20 million euros a month of business.

Web-based system
Large historical data conversion
Electronic document generation and management
I nterfaces with an AS/400 based accounting system
Ground-up architectural solution.