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GE-Drive, GE Capital’s primary proposal capture system for the auto finance sector was previously hosted and managed in Paris, France. CHC designed a completely new server and network architecture for GE-Drive, ordered servers and associated equipment, and installed equipment in GE Capital’s new data center in Watford, England. All data was transferred from the existing system to the new system with all users transferred without incident or business interruption.

CHC’s experience with time critical implementations such as the GE Drive relocation project demonstrates their ability to perform up to standard and under pressure. The GE Drive relocation project validates CHC’s ability to minimize the risk of switching providers, enabling continuity of service and reducing disengagement issues.

System Highlights:
Large server farm installation comprising six enterprise-class servers.
Procured new hosting provider (GE Home Lending in UK) at a cost-savings to GE in excess of 112,696.32 EUR ($150,000) per year
     Negotiated a new SLA with 20/7 support with only four hours not on. The previous provider gave support of only eight hours a day, five days a week
Complicated transition from existing system to new infrastructure
Moved procured equipment to France and transferred site with no downtime.
Uptime has improved more than 60% since move.
Business critical application.
I nternet-facing application.
Short project completion timeframe.