The PAGU system provides benefit and participation. It also provides welfare tracking and issuance for the following programs:• Food Stamps,
Welfare (TANF, General, and Cash Assistance),
Medically Indigent Program (a local program),
Electronic Benefit Transfer Interface,
Medical Claims Management and Payout System, and
Federal Child Support Interface.

This system enables a data-intensive case management process that is utilized by over 200 users in four locations throughout the island of Guam. It employs biometrics with finger scanners to enhance system security. It also follows strict security and confidentiality guidelines that have been set forth by local and federal statutes, including HIPAA requirements.

The operational functionality of the PAGU system is derived directly from the requirements of various programs that the public welfare provides, supporting the defined set of legislative requirement checks. These requirements include checking for duplicate participation and other program related prohibitions that have been built into this system.

The PAGU system is an online eligibility and public assistance client management system that automates:
Applicant Intake Processing,
I nteractive Interview for Data Collection,
Application and Change Report Processing (including eligibility determination, re-certification, and benefit calculations),
Case Management,
I nquiry,
Issue of Benefits,
Reconciliation of Benefits,
Relevant Interfaces,
Work Requirements, and
Management Reports.