Performance Standard
The standard for performance is the agreement that you have reached with a customer on their requirements. Our goal is to meet the requirements of our customers with zero defects. No deviation from the customers' requirements is our performance standard.

If quality means meeting the requirements of our customers and our performance standard is no deviation from these requirements, then there is only one way to find out how we are doing. We must measure our output against our customers' requirements.

Since quality is the responsibility of every associate, measuring for quality is part of the responsibility. Measuring how well we are doing and continuing to measure to see if we are getting better, is part of what quality improvement is all about.

Process Capability
Work processes are in the process of being developed. Testing will be done to ensure that processes are fully capable of producing the desired outcome. Associates will be empowered to review, monitor, and simplify their work processes for continuous process improvements.

The absolutes of our Total Quality Management (TQM) Program involves 'inspection' at each step of the work process to prevent errors from occurring or noticing errors at the earliest opportunity. Quality of our service is the responsibility of every associate.


Management Leadership
CHC’s management exhibits 'role model' behavior and establishes clear objectives and a supportive environment to achieve quality business results.

CHC’s management motivates, develops, and empowers associates to creatively achieve objectives and continuously improve CHC’s as well as our customer’s productivity and ROI.

Process Management
Customer requirements are satisfied through processes that are technologically excellent and delivered through increased opportunities for continuous improvement.

Customer Focus
Customer and potential customers define our business.

Quality Support and Tools
Management and associates of CHC achieve business results using Quality processes and tools.