Public Assistance Global Utilization (PAGU) System for the Department of Public Health & Social Services (DPHSS)
The Guam PAGU system is a fully integrated case management, online interviewing, issuance, and reporting system. This system provides services for 25,000 active recipients of social assistance spanning Food Stamps, Welfare (TANF and General Assistance), Medicaid, and Medically Indigent Programs. With more than $8 million a month of issuance and $5 million in medical claims, the PAGU system is an enterprise-class application bringing DPHSS into the future.

This system enables a data-intensive case management process utilized by over 200 users in four locations throughout the island of Guam, while adhering to the strict security and confidentiality guidelines set forth by local and federal statues.

Project Scope:
PAGU system supports over 200 users in four locations.
Strict security and confidentiality.
Numerous governmental compliance requirements.
Over two million lines of source code.

Guam Memorial Hospital Medicaid/MIP Eligibility Interface System and HIPAA Electronic Billing
CHC designed, built, and deployed a Medicaid/MIP Eligibility Interface system between the Guam Memorial Hospital and Guam Department of Public Health & Social Services (DPHSS).

DPHSS's largest provider of medical services in the territory is the Guam Memorial Hospital. Historically, medical eligibility determination was based on paper cards that were presented to the hospital by patients. The Medicaid/MIP Eligibility Interface system drastically eliminates the potential for fraud and improves customer services by giving the hospital a real-time picture of a client's participation in government assistance.

System Highlights:
Strict security and confidentiality issues .
Numerous governmental compliance requirements.
I nterface with a hospital electronic billing system.